Gynexin: The Ingredients and How It Works

Gynexin: The Ingredients and How It Works

Gynexin has become a reliable source for Gynecomastia treatment. It is men’s savior from public embarrassment, resulting stress and of course unwanted chest fat. Having been tried and tested for several years now, Gynexin has healed thousands of men and helped them lead a much more confident life.

A Look at the Ingredients

Having seen how effective Gynexin has been, we will focus on something about this product other than what meets the eye. We will be talking about the ever so important ingredients that constitute this amazing fat burner medication. If you want to understand what makes a drug so effective and how it does not offer any side effects, the best practice is to learn about its ingredients.

It’s All Natural

Gynexin users would know that this medicine does not have any side effects. It is one of the reasons of such great success. It’s all because of the ingredients which are all extracted from nature. There is zero percent use of any artificial ingredients. All ingredients are active naturally which has dramatically improved the effectivity of this medicine. We will talk about all the ingredients and what they bring to this product.

The ingredients are intelligently mixed with carefully monitored quantities of each contributing to each and every pill that makes it to the packaging. Hence, the effectivity of the product is guaranteed almost every time.

  1. Chromium

It is used as Picolinate. A capsule of Gynexin will have 120mcg Chromium Picolinate.  According to a study conducted at Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Chromium Picolinate tends to increase the metabolism in the skeletal muscles. It does so by increasing the amount of enzymes responsible which in turn improves the energy levels in the body. It has fat burning capabilities that make it a useful commodity for the weight loss industry.

  1. Cacao

Theo-bromine Cacao is another ingredient that works like a fat fighter. It has characteristics that allow it to burn fat during metabolism of the body. It’s a heart stimulant, unlike Caffeine which is known to stimulate the nervous system. It can increase the heart rate, therefore, heart patients should use this medicine only at the doctor’s discretion. Theo-bromine is extensively found in chocolate and is also known to treat respiratory problems.

  1. Green Tea Extract

Green tea is a popular natural treatment for fat reduction. Its Antioxidants and polyphenols prevent accumulation of cholesterol. They keep platelets from sticking to each other. It is also a source for appetite suppressing. Hence, you won’t feel the urge to eat more after having drunk a cup of green tea. Since it is such a health ingredient, it is mandatorily included in the mix while preparing Gynexin.

  1. Sclareolides

Clary Sage is used as a Sclareolide. It’s an herbal action has some great impacts especially for men. In this mix, it is used to boost up the testosterone levels which maintain the estrogen levels in the body. Its antioxidants help break down excessive fats in the body. Also, it causes more sweating than normal which also helps in fat reduction.

  1. Guggulsterones

These agents help in maintaining cholesterol of the body. It is extracted from Guggul, a plant found in North America and Northern India. It’s basically gum extract of the plant. According to research, Guggulsterones convert cholesterol to bile. They are also useful for oxidation of low density lipoproteins. It affects the hormone production in the body which in turn helps reduce weight and also improves metabolism of the body.

  1. Caffeine

Caffeine has antioxidants and fat-fighting capabilities. It also helps with sleep deprivation and you will find athletes regularly consuming caffeine. It helps enhance the muscular activities of the body. It helps with nerve cell protection as well as its good for the heart if used in a controlled manner. Hypertension is also reduced with caffeine.

How Gynexin Works

Gynexin mainly works in two ways. Firstly, it tends to flatten out the excessive tissues that trigger Gynecomastia. Secondly, it also burns down the fat inside the chest. Not only that but as it targets the breast fat, it takes away additional fat around the targeted area.

The fat burning agents in Gynexin work together in partnership while the metabolism enhancers improve the overall functioning of the body to help reduce fat quicker. This is why the result generated by Gynexin are much faster than the similar drugs available in the market.


Gynecomastia has no longer remained a problem for men thanks to Gynexin. It’s intelligently engineered formula has helped men for years. This is why men prefer Gynexin pills ahead of painful surgeries and other fat reduction creams. The results may take a little while before showing up but once they do, you won’ t be facing man boob troubles anymore.