Gynexin Review – Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynexin Alpha FormulaOne of the many problems men tend to suffer from is that of Gynecomastia. This phenomenon basically involves the growth of the breasts in men. If this is a problem you are dealing with, and one that causes you to have a lack of confidence fret no more for we have found a solution. We know how such a problem may tend to prevent you from being proud of yourself, resulting in you having a low self-esteem, and an everlasting insecurity. As a result, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that men with sagging breasts get a way of countering this particular problem, and associated social problems. We can now joyously say that we can help you out. How? One word – Gynexin.

Mode of action

Gynexin supplements are a true work of art, and a true symbol of the innovative, and technological evolution taking place. These supplements target man boobs through several powerful ingredients. What’s more is that these supplements are a 100% organic, carry negligible side effects, and above all provide a much more economical, and simpler means of ridding yourself of man boobs as compared to the much more complicated process of liposuction. By researching, working, and then producing such supplements we have skimmed down your efforts in this struggle against man boobs to a mere responsibility of taking the correct dosage, and at the correct timings. The mode of action of Gynexin is that it targets the lipids or fats found in the mammary glands region of men; the abnormal enlargement is minimized as the supplements reduce the fatty tissues in both size, as well as in quantity. What’s even more amazing is that Gynexin also acts against Pseudogynecomastia which is a condition in which the mammary glands’ region of men is enlarged owing to an excess of body fat. 

Pseudogynecomastia Treatment

What’s Gynexin made up of?

The key powerful ingredients of Gynexin supplements include:

Chromium picolinate, which is a compound made up of chromium, and picolinic acid, and one that boost the metabolism of carbohydrates, and thus the formation, and storage of fats is greatly reduced. This prevents fats from accumulating and causing an enlargement of the breast area, along with treating chromium deficiencies, and aiding athletes in maintaining a healthy body.

The second ingredient is one that you are probably familiar with i.e. Caffeine. Apart from acting as the stimulant that it is, and giving you that morning jolt to raise both your mental and physical awareness, caffeine raises the rate at which fats are broken down, which decreases the stores of fats. In short, caffeine too raises your metabolic rate so that your man boobs become a thing of the past.

The third ingredient is green tea extract which is a very effective and powerful as it aids in melting fat deposits, and, therefore, shrinking man boobs. Apart from being an excellent means of weight loss, this extract also lowers your level of cholesterol.

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The other ingredients of Gynexin capsules are:


  • ProprietaGynexin Before & Afterry Gynexin Blend
  • Theobromine Cacao (fruit) known as xantheose
  • Guggulsterones (Plant Resin)
  • and Sclareolides (3, 17-dihydro-delta-5-etiocholone-7-one)(seed)

All these ingredients collectively ensure that Gynecomastia is not a thing to worry about as they unite in their action to prevent the building up of any more fat stores, diminishing the already existing ones, and reshaping you both physically and metaphorically.

Some directions on taking Gynexin

The method of intake is extremely simple:

Take a total of 2 capsules of Gynexin per day – one in the morning, and then one again in the evening. Furthermore, these capsules should be taken half an hour before your meal, and please make sure that you  do not consume more than 4 capsules within a 24 hour period . Another thing to remember is that while taking these capsules; ensure that you drink at least 250 ml or 8 oz of water each time.

Please take some precautions: Don’t exceed 4 capsules in a period of 24 hours, conduct a physician before consuming Gynexin if you are already taking a prescribed medicine, or if you have a liver or thyroid condition, or if you have irritable bowel syndrome. Also, don’t use this with St. John’s wort, or acetaminophen as this may cause stomach irritation, and/or an increased heart rate. Furthermore, terminate your consumption of Gynexin if you feel discomfort, or any other adverse reactions, store the Gynexin in a cool, dry place – one that is also out of children’s reach. Lastly, ensure that the seal is not broken or missing and don’t consume the capsules otherwise.

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We do care!

To ensure that you don’t have to face any embarrassment, the package shipped does not reflect in any way the contents therein, and the transaction appears as ‘Zudker Group’ on your credit card statement. All in all, this a truly revolutionizing capsule that enables you to escape the misery inflicted by Gynecomastia and even better Pseudogynecomastia.